Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A small contribution.....

Hi reading the current posts thought this could be of use.

I have had past involvement with

Contact - Dido Halett.....

For reference

Is a project set up by Simon Mc Andrew.....a very positive and inclusive individual
Julia Vaci is an ex FA Found sculpture student who might well be worth speaking with......

best as ever



  1. This is great, Pierpaolo! Thanks a lot.

  2. By the way, here's a gallery for hire in Battersea that I mentioned to some of you:

  3. Ooh, that's great. Thanks a ton Pierpaolo.

    As far as this space in St. Johns---the director of exhibitions sent me an email asking if we'd like to arrange a meeting to discuss possibilities, which I responded too--but am still waiting for a response on her end.

    What's the plan, guys? Other options?

  4. Thanks Pierpaolo the places sound great!

    I went to see a show at the asylum arts place. Its a very impressive very large place. But theres no drilling or hanging on walls if thats an issue for anyone? The place would be free as well! It would be hard to have individual pieces of work in such a character dominating space so working together on something might be an option if folk were interested? The show I saw was drowned by the character of the place really but i think thats avoidable

    This St Johns sounds interesting whats it like??

    It sounds like theres quite a few options, pretty exciting! Is everyone up for a meeting soon at the end of easter maybe when everyone's around? Could maybe do first thursdays? if people would like to discuss options or bring new ideas in, or what they want out of doing this??


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